Study Assistancy – Hackerspace Eisenerz

In my function as study assistant at the Insitute for contemporary art (TU Graz) i supported the Course “Hackerspaces in Eisenerz” together with Günther Friesinger (monochrom).

The goal for the students was to choose between 3 sites in Eisenerz and think of an possible installation of a hackerspace.
Eisenerz is the most shrinking city in austria. Through the development of an “Hacker in Residence”-Program, where “hackers/artists/musicians” can spend 5 months in Eisenerz a new hotspot for innovative ideas and free working ideals should be established.

Visit of the possible Sites



Final Presentation in Eisenerz
in front of the mayor of Eisenerz , Sociologist Rainer Rosegger, Elisa Rosegger, Franz Lammer (inventors of rostfest)