Universities and the field of architecture "being educated” and “educating yourself”

Universities and the field of architecture

My believe in universital studies is based on the difference of “being educated” and “educating yourself”. To be an academic means by my understanding to be educated on a general level in various fields, social, political and human science, whereas this is not an absolute definition.

This is foremost important for the field of architecture, in which we have to synthesize all this knowledge to provide different services in a very broad spectrum to society. In which part of this spectrum we manifest ourselves in the future can be very dependent on our studies, our surroundings, where we grew up, ie. Architectural studies not only learn us about one topic, they also learn us teamwork, critical thinking, organisational skills, networking, history, sociology, and much more. A skillset, that can be used for all different sorts of things. But also as an architect you don’t have to learn all this. Too many universities focus on a very linear approach of studies, divided in years, everybody doing the same, following the professors design orders to the point. Adapt to survive. Also often you don’t have the time to take a pause, look into other things, combine your social life with your projects, revise projects, find out where one is standing in the architectural discourse, or even knowing what the discourse is at the present time.