Troldtekt Award 2014

Wir haben die Fotoexpo 2014 für den Troldtekt-Award eingereicht!

Leider verloren… Aber hautpsache mitgemacht! 
Was sagt Ihr zum Gewinner? Wir sind noch skeptisch.

Hier das von uns abgegebene (zugegebenermaßen sehr kurzfristig hingflackte) Plakat:




Habe mich und kleinraum zum “Troldtekt Award 2014” angemeldet!
Einreichfrist ist der 30. April

Würde gerne ein easy-Projekt auf die Beine stellen oder etwas bereits gemachtes adaptieren (Also mit so wenig Aufwand wie möglich)

Wer hat Lust mitzumachen?

The International Troldtekt Award 2014 is a biennial concept competition for international students of design & architecture. The Award encourages students to explore Troldtekt acoustic panels and find new uses for them that are not only creative but also possible to realise in practice.

The project can describe the proposal from small scale to large scale. The competition is open – the only condition is that Troldtekt is incorporated in a creative and realistic way. In other words, participants can choose to impose colours, shapes, their imagination or something completely different on the Troldtekt products. The assignment is a concept competition and is therefore not restricted by the cost of realising the proposal in practice.

The Award is global and open to any registered student of design & architecture. The winner wins a prize of 5,000 Euro.

The jury, comprising among others internationally renowned architects will award a winner. The deadline for registering for the International Troldtekt Award is the 1st of April 2014. The deadline for submitting a project is the 30 April 2014.

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