Workshop – Kaiserschnitten 1. Sporttal Wien

1. Sporttal Wien


Naschmarkt // Start of a continuous “sports track” with changing boxes,
Sports areas and acacia park to escape the noise of the Wienzeile.

Schönbrunn // Example of a middle station with velodrome and half-subterranean bus park for the castle visitors.






The Wiental extends over 14 kilometers from the western border of the city to the Wienflussmündung of the Danube canal. Different areas from Vienna are crossed by the Wiental. Along the Wienfluss there are areas close to nature, as well as some which are low-density and industrial zones, the Schönbrunn palace and districts with buildings of Wilhelminian style.

The Wiental has also the function as a borderline – it separates the Linke Wienzeile from the Rechte Wienzeile and holds important traffic flow for individual vehicle traffic in the western part of Vienna as well as pedestrian flow with the subway no. 4.

The intention of the project is the appreciation of existing plain fields along the Wienfluss. Those plain fields should be turned into activity fields. The word activity (lat. activus = active, effective) describes the impact on the environment and how it changes it – a cause-and-effect chain. In this spirit, the reorganisation of the fields should activate the inhabitants of the Wiental. This will be done in the form of recreation of sports fields and a non-stop connection from Naschmarkt in the direction of Wienerwald. The inhabitants should get the possibility to do sporting activities like soccer, volleyball, skateboarding, tennis etc., all along the Wienfluss. In this consensus the intervention is not catering only to young people. In doing so the diversity of the inhabitants does not assume a role – sport is for everyone, regardless of religion, culture, social level and age – this is the birth of ´1 Sporttal Wien´.

The concept is based on a soft intervention along the Wienfluss in form of a track, a bicycle and running track, in the range of the parking space next to the Naschmarkt. This space is both the start-point and the endpoint. Thereby the current situation of the bicycle system along the Wiental improves.
The running track will be run on the existing wall, which seperates the Wienfluss from the subway track at a height to bear down the bridges along the Wienfluss. The track creates a new room that gives another experience of the landscape out of a new perspective. Access to the sports fields and activity fields along the track will be provided allowing flexibility of use.


The reorganisation of the existing parking places next to the Naschmarkt, would be arranged taking due consideration to the flea market which takes place every Saturday making only small alterations to the existing situation. Due to the location of these sports fields, multifunctional areas will be created which could be used for sporting activities, sporting events as well as for the continuing flea market.
Furthermore a green space with plants will make the most of the surrounding of the Naschmarkt. It would provide residents with opportunities for rest and relaxation. Due to the planting of acacia trees here, shady spaces would be created, where people can do Yoga, Pilates, etc.
Amenities would also be built on the Linke Wienzeile containing showers, changing rooms and lockers for the guests of the `1. Sporttal Wien`.
A further building would provide support for bicycles, gastronomy and a rental for sportswear as well as sports equipment.
On the roof of the building there will also be sports-fields, which would provide a different view of the Naschmarkt area.


Integrated into the project there would be a velodrome in the field of the Schönbrunn subway station using the existing parking space, which would tie in with the track of the `1. Sporttal Wien`. Due to this, the area in front of the Schönbrunn palace would become more attractive. The parking space would be turned into a visitor parking area that will be placed down one metre and will be roofed with the velodrome. Therefore the cyclists would be able to get the opportunity to act out their desire of speed and the tourist busses will be disappear in front of the palace entrance. The buses would nonetheless remain within easy reach. The velodrome would be a stark contrast to the historic Schönbrunn tourist attraction. Due to the intervention the surrounding area around will gain a new attraction for the dwellers with the velodrome serving as a connection to the running and cycling track.