Webdesign A history of its own

Webdesigns over the years


Over the past 15 years i did a lot of webdesign and php programming for different companies, associations and myself.
For my own website i had 4 different webdesigns and for kleinraum.at at least 6 over the years.
Mostly my website are based on wordpress, in the old times on Joomla.

The most difficult and extensive websites have certainly been:

Archpoint.tk – the first architectural scripts/exams-collection for TU Graz
More here

kleinraum.at – In its Version 3 kleinraum.at was running as a community platform for architecture students of tu graz to meet and engage in projects together.
A lot of projects evolved out ouf this, a list is available here
You can find its archived remains (not functioning properly, because not maintained) here.

benjaminschmid.at – the website you can currently see here took a lot of time and redesigns, evolving over the years.


Other websites:

Kleinraum.at Version 3 (offline)
Community platform



http://www.kommerz.at (offline)


http://schauraum.kleinraum.at (deprecated)
Website for student newspaper


Website for our student associaton

Really old and offline

archpoint.tk – Exchange platform for scripts, tests and notes – 800 Users


Visprojekt.tk- Platform and Round table for critical projects in graz


vs-goesting.at- Representation for a ground school in graz


Tales of Architecture – Int. communication platform for architecture students



Homepage of the social students community of the faculty of architecture


Allplan Nemetschek platform for architecture students in Graz