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BETA VERSION / I decided to try something new.

I have to many ideas and either no spare time besides work or not enough motivated people, that are interested in the same idea.

In this section i give you the possiblity to fund one of my ideas or suggest a collaboration!

How does it work?
You like an idea of mine? You had the same idea already?
You have money? Or just spare time and expertise?
It doesnt matter where in the world you are! Just contact me!

I will soon add more functionality and more information on my ideas and projects to this. I will keep you posted!

Below you find a list of projects and ideas, that i would like to fund or find collaborations for.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

  • Museums – Accessibility for blind people WORK IN PROGRESS - Mimeticaslab - Medialab Prado

    Museums - Accessibility for blind people
    WORK IN PROGRESS Museums – Accessibility for blind people Mimeticaslab – Medialab Prado I am proud to be part of this wonderful project, were we try to make, amongst other things, museums more accessible for blind people! I will update this website again from time to time, in the meanwhile please visit the updated documentations here: Text from the projects ...
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  • Paper Brick Experiments Work in Progress

    Paper Brick Experiments
    Paper Bricks   I recently stumbled upon people doing paper bricks to burn them in winter, which is not very ecological, because of the substances being released in the air by the newspaper paper and ink, etc. BUT, why not use these bricks to build something? It seems to be a perfect material to recycle and use in Installations. In ...
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  • Master Thesis: Architecture Laboratories in a big scale Education and Research in a big scale

    Master Thesis: Architecture Laboratories in a big scale
    Architecture Laboratories Education and Research in a big scale Master Thesis to obtain the Degree of Msc.Arch. (Dipl.Ing.) Benjamin Schmid Technical University Graz 2016 Translated from German by Ren Aldridge Abstract: Universities experiment in different scales to teach their students the interaction between construction, function and design. But mostly these experiments stay in a scale between 1:50 to 1:200, so the size of ...
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  • VJ KIT + edddison

    VJ KIT + edddison
    VJ KIT + edddison
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  • Arch 101 – Adventure Game Living the Curriculum

    Arch 101 - Adventure Game
    The idea launched by a small team of 3 architecture students is to reflect about our time of studies in an humorous way. By doing a Adventure Game, more exactly point & click. More info (german):
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  • Hommage to Hackers

    Hommage to Hackers
    One of my first projects with Unity. still unfinished. It should be a Hommage to “Hackers”, the 90ies Movie. A playable Gibson Mainframe. I hope somewhere along the way i will be able to finish it. A first part is playable here  
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  • (German) DIY student questions app

    (German) DIY student questions app
    Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Auf der MIT Conference in Wien (März) bin ich mit Conference Apps in Berührung gekommen. Ein Hauptmerkmal ist, dass niemand mehr mit der ...
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  • ToA – The Proposal

    ToA - The Proposal
    ANHANG 3: Proposal for “Action Personnel” at ENSAL, Tutor – Herve Lequay: On my Journeys through the world i was always looking for interesting architecture aside of “Starchitecture”. But the problem has always been that the resources were either: .) pretty rare, .) spread through the whole www (World Wide Web), .) only available in the countrys language, .) etc. Also a ...
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