(English) Edddison 3D specialist in mixed-reality

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Work Experience

Graz, Austria / Madrid, Spain
Nov 2016 – ongoing


Based in Graz / Austria, edddison are developing and selling tools to turn 3D files into an interactive experience.

About edddison technologies

3D is booming whether in the worlds of construction, presentation, gaming and manufacturing. These developments mean that we need new ways of engaging with data. But to handle 3D files with mouse and keyboard are things of the past.

edddison is a software and hardware solution for interacting with 3D software (like SketchUp, Unity and Navisworks ) in real-time. It can integrate a wide range of hardware devices including the edddison hardware interface, tablets, touchscreens. It let you create a walk through a 3D file without any scripting skills.

edddison fits seamlessly into existing applications such as building informational models, digital prototyping and serious games.


  • Product Sales
  • Support for Spain / France
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media
  • Writing
  • Hobby Projects 


VJing in Unity + Edddison




Interactive Exhibition Stand


COP 21 – Paris de l´Avenir