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Work Experience: Oppliger Architekten Zurich, Switzerland

Work Experience Zurich, Switzerland Nov 2016 to June 2017 Projects   Housing Rehabilitation Hard West, Baugenossenschaft Rotach (Implementation Planning, Coordination Technical Planners, Construction Administration) Complete modernization of Post Uster 1 (Implementation planning, Coordination Technical Planners, Construction Administration) Renovation Conversion Post Seebach (Project Lead, Execution… (READ MORE)

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Work Experience: Kassarnig Architekten ZT Graz, Austria

Work Experience Graz, Austria Oct 2014 to Jan 2016   TRANSLATED FROM GERMAN ARCHITEKTEN KASSARNIG ZT GMBH Franckstrasse 19 8010 Graz, Austria Tel. +43 (0) 316-326019   15th February 2016 REFERENCE LETTER Mr. Benjamin Schmid, worked in our office as a committed student and reliable employee in… (READ MORE)

Architektur, Office Work